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Nordic-inspired Ring Shaped LED chandelier

Nordic-inspired Ring Shaped LED chandelier

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Product Details

- Color: Ivory White
- Rated Voltage: 220V
- Power: 24W
- Light Color: White
- Size: 20x30x40cm

Introducing our Nordic-inspired Ring Shaped LED chandelier

  • Frustrated with chandeliers that lack loading capacity and stability?
  • Tired of chandelier lampshades that don't transmit light well or discolor?
  • Struggling with chandeliers that have poor heat dissipation and short lifespan?
  • Looking for a modern and luxurious LED chandelier for your space?

Upgrade your lighting experience with our Nordic-inspired Ring Shaped LED chandelier. Crafted from high-grade wood, it offers exceptional loading capacity and stability for peace of mind.

  • Exceptional loading capacity and stability
  • Clear and natural texture for a modern touch
  • High wear-resistant lampshade for excellent light transmission
  • Efficient heat dissipation for prolonged LED lifespan

LED chandelier, Nordic design, modern lighting, wooden chandelier, luxurious lighting, artistic style

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